UT School of Nursing Makes Health a Priority for Middle Schoolers

August 25, 2011 at 8:26 am Leave a comment

Health is currently one of the hottest topics of national interest.  A myriad of challenges loom for every active participant in the world of healthcare; doctors, insurers, government, and you and I all want to understand how to have better personal and national health, and how to improve the health care industry.  At the community level, there has been a strong push for an increased focus on health education and free screenings.  In order to best prevent health problems before they start, the focus on regular screenings and healthy living must begin at a young age.

While health class is offered as an elective in most Austin I.S.D. middle schools, East Austin Prep has taken health education one step further for its middle school students by integrating health lessons and screenings into the physical education curriculum, with help from the UT School of Nursing.  Students from the School of Nursing take simple measures of students’ health and fitness levels and teach them various aspects of maintaining good health throughout the school year.

Tying a health class to P.E. further reinforces the idea that physical fitness is an integral component to overall health and well-being.  By driving home messages about how to stay healthy while students are learning fun ways to exercise, the UT School of Nursing and East Austin College Prep have formed a successful relationship that will benefit the health of many middle schoolers to come.

– Kelle Kampa
Communications Intern

Entry filed under: East Austin Children's Promise, EAustin College Prep Academy.

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